Remesh Simülasyon Yazılımı

What is ReMesh Simulation Software?

ReMesh simulation software from Ege Test Center and EMCOS is a CAD program that provides powerful tools for creating, controlling and editing geometry, the program has tools to lighten the geometry set as discrete or semi-analytically, and has a suitable interface to manually edit the geometry. You can access this software by sending an email to or by filling out the form at .

ReMesh Simulation Software and EMC

If we give a small example to ReMesh, it is software that can perform EMC Tests based on simulation up to 1 gHz for vehicle drawing simulations. Thanks to the partnership of Ege Test Center and EMCOS, you can easily access the software via our web site. In addition, ReMesh has an effective 3D geometry manipulator / viewer based on the OpenGL library. Geometry control functions are included in ReMesh, which allows the user to quickly find geometry defects. ReMesh can produce mesh from input geometric data (IGES) or adaptable to stranded vehicle structure data (NASTRAN or STL format), so that unwanted details are softened, and solids type MoM and upper frequency It varies according to the limit.

The program can read files in four formats. These formats:

  • MSC / NASTRAN (extensions .nas, .bdf)
  • Stereolithography format STL (extension .stl)
  • MoM-program CONCEPT (format .dat) input format
  • Solid data file format IGES (extension .igs)

ReMesh has the ability to export a format to any other format supported by ReMesh. The program is capable of handling large data sets and robustness against missing and defective input data.

Main features of ReMesh:

  • Reducing the number of surface mesh elements
  • Enlarging the item number
  • Surface and wire element support
  • Fishnet softening and improvement
  • Manual lattice operations (creation and replacement of single objects with keyboard and mouse)
  • Mesh boundary fitting
  • Advanced control algorithms
  • Lattice quality viewer
  • Comfortable cutting planes
  • Undo and Redo functions